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Company Profile


For the purpose of maintaining human health, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd. takes satisfying the demands of social requirement as our responsibility. Relying on innovative science and technology, we are dedicated in developing and industrializing pharmaceutical product in the therapeutic areas of Oncology, Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular, etc., especially for small molecule targeted drug products. Qilu (Hainan) was established in 2005 covering the total area of about 120,000 m2 with accumulated investment of over 1 billion RMB so far. We have about 700 employees. Qilu (Hainan), as the ‘’Human Drug Export Base’’ of Qilu group, is one of the significant large-scale enterprises of investment attraction project, “Introduction of Large Enterprise and Large-project-promoting”, implemented by Hainan Provincial Government. In creating economic benefit for the society, we have also won a number of honorable titles, such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Pilot Enterprise of Technical Innovation", "National Key High-tech Enterprise Under the Torch Program", "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in the Industry of Chemical Medicine in China", "Top 100 Enterprise in Hainan”, etc.


In 2018, Qilu (Hainan) has achieved production value of 1.961 billion RMB and taxpaying of 185 million RMB. Besides, several conduct indexes including taxpaying of Qilu (Hainan) is in the leading position of Hainan province.


“Innovation and Internationalization” is our core development strategy.


We have been insisting on strategy of innovation development, including extensively collaborating with domestic and international R&D institution, continuously bringing in talents from all over the world. More than 8% of sales revenues are allocated to R&D each year. We have established four R&D and industrialization platforms for Finished-dosage form product in the areas of small molecule targeted drugs and special injectable products and while 1 analysis and testing platform of pharmaceutical product has also been set up. Most advanced equipment and instrument purchased from major international supplier have been adopted.


Our research and industrialization conditions for oral solid dosage form drugs, control released products, small volume parenteral solutions, lyophilization solutions, special preparations, etc. are in the leading position in China pharmaceutical industry. Currently, a professional and experienced R&D team with rational construction has been assembled, which is consists of 1 talent of “National Ten Thousand Talents Program”, 2 talents of “Hainan Province Hundred Talent Program”, 2 talents of “Hainan Province High-level Leading Personnel”, 5 talents of “Hainan Province High-level Personnel” and several professional Doctors/Scientists have also been introduced from US as our academic leaders.


For the past years, by virtue of “first Generics and academic marketing to branded generics” strategy, Qilu Hainan is becoming one of the fast development pharmaceutical companies. A rational, rich variety of high quality production pipeline, which conforms to development direction of medical reform has been built. 43 products are under different research stages. We have undertaken several projects/programs, such as "Major New Drugs Innovation and Development" project of National 12th Five-Year Plan and 13th Five-Year Plan, Hainan major science and technology programs, Haikou major scientific and technological innovation projects. Besides, the first prize of scientific and technological achievements transforming has been awarded to us. More than 20 new products have been developed, among which, Gefitinib tablet, as first launched generic drug for domestic market, is one of the products has firstly passed the consistency evaluation. The marketing of which has breaking the overseas monopoly in the market and it has forced manufacturer of RLD product to slash the price in ninety percent. Chinese patients has been benefited thanks to the accessibility of Gefitinib has been improved.


We keep insisting on internationalization driven by innovation, establishment internationally compatible quality management system. We have achieved several No. 1 titles, such as the first company has passed US FDA and EU onsite inspection in Hainan, the first company has exported injectable products to US, zero observation has been found in US FDA onsite inspection in 2017, the first pharmaceutical company has passed AEO advanced inspection of China custom. Currently, 45 international authorizations covering US, EU markets (including US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, ect.), unregulated market, emerging market and south sea district (including latin America, southeast asia, eastern Europe, Africa, etc.) have been obtained. Up to now, 6 products have been marketing in oversea markets. In 2018, more than ten million vials of sterile injectable product have been exported to US and other high-end markets, which is handful in China pharmaceutical industry.


“Specialized in pharmaceutical product with sincerity, take care of our world, our country and our home”, the fast development of our company cannot be achieved without the unique enterprise culture. The Qilu spirit of “the happy family cannot exist without the company and the country” has been advocating among the employees. The mutual development of employees and company has been realized. At the same time of development, Qilu Hainan keeps fulfilling the social responsibility by supporting those in distress and aiding those in misery which shows the responsibility and accountability of Qilu Hainan as one of the national pharmaceutical enterprises.


“In the path of great love, becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, building century-old heritage”, it is believed that with the mutual efforts of Qilu personnel, one day the enterprise vision will be fulfilled. Qilu Hainan will have a promising prospects and a brilliant future. 

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