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Chairman of the board of inspection and guidance to Hainan company

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2014/08/15 10:53
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August 13th - 14 day, group chairman Li Botao to visit Hainan company inspection guidance, listened to the work report of Liu Wenmin of company general manager and the core of leadership, and held the

August 13th - 14 day, group chairman Li Botao to visit Hainan company inspection guidance, listened to the work report of Liu Wenmin of company general manager and the core of leadership, and held the Hainan company all the middle-level cadres in the conference room.

The chairman fully affirmed Hainan half of the company to get in the team building and management, international certification results, pointed out that the Hainan company has been standing at a new starting point, the chairman of the Hainan company in the new starting point to the next step of work put forward four requirements.

One is to pay close attention to the leader cadre team to build and develop backbone. The development experience of Qilu tells us that leading cadres decide the development direction and speed of a company. The Hainan company's core team to build a high level and good leadership to unity, to strengthen self-cultivation, to improve management level and ability in other aspects, led the Hainan companies seize the opportunity of rapid development. At the same time to build a good team, give full play to the exemplary role to lead the team.

Two is to further promote Qilu spirit and culture. Qilu culture is the biography of Jiabao, is our foothold in this, is our enterprise's faith. No belief of enterprises are not promising, Hainan company will continue inheriting, continuous innovation to improve.

Three is to ensure safe and healthy development. Production quality system of Hainan company is the foundation, must reach the scientific, standardized, high standard level. We want to ensure the quality of products, GMP, SOP must be higher than that of other enterprises, meet the export standards, to ensure that exports zero complaint.

Four is to accelerate the optimization of product structure. Hainan's geographical location is very suitable for the international market development, and the European Union FDA certification certification through a smooth also opened the international market threshold, this is a very good breakthrough point, Hainan company to seize this opportunity to optimize the product structure, multi take hold quickly number, promote the development of the entire firm. First of all to great efforts to develop international technical cooperation, development cooperation, improve our level through cooperation, OEM; secondly to head to head the introduction of R & D, the internationalization of high level talents, accelerate Hainan's international process; can also hire consultants, "friends", expand networks, is captured by the all useful information, matchmaking, the introduction of projects, technical cooperation and resources.

The chairman pointed out that the Hainan company will do a national responsibility, responsible, accountable to the people of Hainan enterprises, the sustainable development of enterprises and improve employee income form a benign circulation. The foundation of the enterprise development is to obtain economic benefits, economic benefits come from? One is from the market, the Hainan company to do high quality and low price products, to achieve greater market share; economic benefit also from the "sewer", Hainan to save money from the comprehensive upgrading production technology, procurement management, material management, work efficiency and economic benefits from the mind; in the past, the cadres and workers to use their brains, think more, make plans for the development of Hainan company, contribution.

The correct instructions, points out the direction for the future development of the company in Hainan, has brought new vitality and new ideas to the new method, more work in Hainan company. Believe Hainan will not disappoint the expectations, emancipate the mind, pioneering innovation, use of external force outside the brain, take off in the new starting point!