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Mr. Ma Tongxi, Deputy General Manager of Group, visited Hainan Company to guide the work

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2013/11/15 09:49
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On November 14th, Mr. Ma Tongxi, Deputy General Manager of Group, visited Hainan Company to guide the work. He looked over the plant side, quality department, production workshop and offices, and discussed warmly also with the heads of departments.

Mr. Ma Tongxi, Deputy General Manager of the Group came to Hainan Company, regardless of the hardship on the road, looked at the new building, canteen, phase III building site, phase I factory building and so on in spite of the rain. In the exhibition hall on the first floor of the building, Mr. Liu Wenmin, General Manager of Hainan Company, introduced in detail the workshops distribution, construction of production lines and so on of Hainan Company to Mr. Ma. Sun Yanyan, Deputy General Manager of Hainan Company, Zhang Kai, and Quality Minister Wang Zuojiang. Accompanied by Guo Min, Minister of production, Deputy General Ma also visited the quality department production workshop, cultural gallery, academic hall and so on of the company.

Coming to the conference room on the second floor, Deputy General Ma discussed deeply with the heads of production department, quality department, human resource department and other departments, learned more about the progress made in previous 10 months of each department of the company. After listened to the reports made by the heads of departments, he put forward new requirements for future work: 1. do not forget that we are Qilu people all times. We shall work hard for the development of Qilu; 2. Bear in mind always to construct Qilu as the most powerful Pharmaceutical Company in China, the development target to rank top in world medicine. 3. Bear in mind always the development guidelines of "taking reform as motive force, market in priority, talent is fundamental, science and technology for development, to the quality of survival, seeking benefit from management"; 4. Continual innovation, promote enterprise development; 5. Take full advantage of external force and external brain to help the enterprise be bigger and stronger; 6. Never break four red-light districts of "environment, taxation, safety and quality". 7. Implant continually the excellent enterprise culture, strike root in the hearts of the people.

The visit of Mr. Ma Tongxi, Deputy General Manager of Group, brought new power to the work of Hainan Company in the next step, and more new working methods and new ideas. We believe under the leadership of General Li, all staff of Hainan Company will make strenuous efforts; win total victory in the work of 2013.