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The company participated in China Africa Cooperation Roundtable Conference.

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2013/11/23 09:50
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On November 22, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd., as the only representative of pharmaceutical enterprises in Hainan province, invited by Haikou Municipal Government, attended China Africa cooperation roundtable conference held in Guanlan Lake, to welcome together the ambassadors and representatives of the government from more than 40 Africa countries. Mrs. Sun Yanyan, Deputy General Manager of Hainan Company, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the company prepared brochure, list of products, advertising board etc. for the guests. In the exchange and communication with Africa friends, the company introduced the general situation of Hainan Company, displayed the elegant demeanor of Hainan Company, and found the opportunities to export goods to Africa.

It is understood China Africa cooperation round table conference will be permanently settled in Wanning, Hainan. This provides a convenient window and platform for the company's products to enter the market of Africa, provides new opportunities for the development of Hainan Company.