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400 workshops accepted the certification inspection of new version GMP.

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2013/12/07 09:51
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On December 4 to 6, three inspectors of Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration, accompanied by the observers, inspected 400 workshop of Hainan Company for new version GMP certification. The inspection took three days. Liu Wenmin, General Manager, Sun Yanyan, Deputy General Manager and other leaders received warmly the inspectors and participated in the inspection.

The inspectors conducted a comprehensive inspection on 400 workshop, warehouse, QC and sites, as well as the relevant documents about production, quality management system. They checked mainly the workshop facilities, equipment, instrument and personnel operation and so on whether they conform to new edition of GMP. After inspection, the inspectors affirmed fully the advanced production equipment and facilities, standardized management of Hainan Company 400 workshop. 400 workshops passed successfully new edition GMP site inspection, which injected new vitality into the development of Hainan Company in the next step, laid a good foundation for production operation in next year.