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2014 New Year Party

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2013/12/29 09:52
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At the night of December 28, 2014 New Year party with the theme of "dream, fast, high quality" was started ceremoniously in Hainan Company. General Manager Liu Wenmin, Deputy General Manager Sun Yanyan, Lian Wei, and Zhang Kai, and Trade Union Chairman Sun Denghua, and other company directors, as well as all cadres and staff gathered together to celebrate new year.

First of all, Liu Wenmin General Manager made a warm new year's address. He extended heartfelt thanks and cordial greetings to all staffs in the workplace and their family members who care and support Qilu Hainan Company development. He pointed out that Hainan Company made brilliant achievements in 2013 and overall competitive power was upgraded to a new step. The company will continue to improve quality and efficiency, upgrade the product in 2014, and welcome a new period of production, quality, development, culture, management and efficient operation!

The party started with "ROLY POLY' dance. The party was divided into three chapters, i.e. "dreams: Chinese dream, Qilu dream, my dream", “fast: speed, breakthrough, exceed" and "Quality: quality improving, efficiency, upgrade". The performances include dance, solo, melodrama, chorus and so on. The great performance of the actors presented beautiful visual feast for all cadres and staffs. During the performance, the company also prepared new idea games to the employees, including tacit understanding; seize every minute and second; implement and realize and so on. The games increased the festive atmosphere of the party and the employees could understand each other, a good opportunity to enhance affection between colleagues. The party had been filled always with a deep sense of New Year joy.

The party was ended at the chorus "Qilu forward" by the leaders of the company, which also pushed the party to the highest tide. It is believed all the cadres and staffs of Hainan Company will have one heart and one mind, united and work hard under the correct leadership of General Li, and will contribute more to the tomorrow of Qilu Group in the New Year, push Qilu to march forward forever!