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2013 commendation conference

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2014/01/21 09:53
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On January 20, Hainan Company hosted 2013 annual commendation conference. General Manager Liu Wenmin, Deputy General Manager Sun Yanyan, Lian Wei, and Zhang Kai and other company leaders, as well as 500 people participated in the conference. Sun Denghua, Trade Union Chairment, presided over the commendation conference.

At the meeting, General Manager Liu Wenmin made a speech on work report in title of “emancipate our minds, tackle difficulties, forge ahead, with "improve quality, increase efficiency, upgrade" as the year-round operation guidance", forge ahead towards". He reviewed overall the work of the company in 2013 and made a detailed analysis on the production and management indicators, and reminded the weaknesses in the work. Through careful analysis on the critical situation in 2014, General Manager Liu Wenmin pointed out, Hainan Company must continue to broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure in 2014 in production, quality, research and development, sales and management, tap thorough the latent power, improve the quality of work, increase the company efficiency, promote transformation and upgrading. General Manager Liu Wenmin also noted that the achievement in 2013 was hard-won and was the result of united and struggle of all staffs with common goals under the leadership of Group Chairman Li. In 2014, Qilu Hainan people shall implement resolutely the general requirement of "four news", "four strictness", and "four general strategies" suggested by Chairman, devoted to own duty, one step at a time, doing well all the work, open a completely new look of Hainan Company, write beautiful new chapter of Qilu Hainan!

The outstanding collectives and individuals in 2013 were commended after the speech. Mr. Liu Wenmin and other company leaders awarded the prizes to the collectives and individuals commended. The collectives and individuals commended are the good example to all employees in the company. They will continue to inherit and carry forward their good qualities and spirit in the work, to motivate further the entire staff morale and enthusiasm, and make bigger contribution to the company in the New Year.