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The company held 2013 annual publicity work summary commendation meeting

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2014/05/27 09:54
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In April 17th, the company held in lecture hall 2013 annual publicity work summary commendation meeting. Liu Wenmin of company general manager, deputy general manager Sun Yanyan, union chairman Sun Denghua, deputy division level and above leading departments and units publicity for more than 100 people attended the meeting.
First of all, the company propaganda work for Bi Fangzhe made a summary report on the 2013 annual Hainan company propaganda work, a comprehensive introduction to the company of the propaganda work, summarizes the highlights and propaganda work, the propaganda work need to be improved in 2014 the insufficiency and the specific measures. Then, President Sun Denghua read a Hainan company "on the propaganda work in recognition of the decision", in recognition of the advanced units in the 2013 year the company propaganda work of outstanding contributions, excellent performance and individual, more consciously into the propaganda system incentive employee, "state-owned factory we have a happy home" Qilu Culture carry forward. The meeting, President Sun Denghua also read the "about the formation of Hainan company propaganda system decision", ready for the future development in the propaganda work.
Finally, the general manager Liu Wenmin concluded his speech pointed out: the company various departments responsible for publicity system to the important mission and responsibility to grasp the publicity in the development of the company, should focus on "working train of thought quality, efficiency, upgrade", enhance the affinity of the propaganda work, adhere to the correct direction of public opinion, to constantly enrich the corporate culture forms of propaganda, enhance the propaganda work of fighting capacity, the propaganda work steadily onto a new height, and work together to build a beautiful blueprint for the cultural propaganda.