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Company set up "love in the Qilu" love foundation

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2014/05/27 09:55
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In order to care and help the difficult staff, lift the staff life of any menace from the "rear" spread, "everybody for me, I for all" big love spirit and "the state-owned factory we have a happy home" Qilu culture, the company held in the afternoon of April 17th meeting, set up a "love in Qi Lu" love foundation, Sun Denghua the chairman was read out to the "love in the Qilu" love fund constitution, with provisions for sources of funds, the use of object, financial management of interpretation. Sun pointed out the president, the company shall ensure that the fund would run the open, transparent, to ensure that each fund is used to solve the difficulty, also hope all staff unity, mutual assistance, vigorously carry forward the spirit of charity, donations, let "love will continue to play a positive energy in Qilu" love fund!
Subsequently, the company held a charity foundation field donation ceremony. The deputy director Liu Wenmin of company general manager, deputy general manager Sun Yanyan, President of the union Sun Denghua departments and leading cadres take the lead in contributions, their employees have to donate, demonstrated outstanding Qilu culture and the spirit of love!