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The all China Federation of trade unions awarded the company "workers vanguard" honorary title

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2014/05/28 09:56
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The morning of April 28th, celebrating the " five one " the international labor day and national five one labor certificate of Merit Medal in recognition of the General Assembly held in Beijing Great Hall of the people. Company union chairman Sun Denghua in Hainan Province as the National worker pioneer " " award-winning representatives attended the meeting.
It is understood, the production department of Hainan company in 2011, 2013 was the Haikou municipal workers vanguard " " and &quot of Hainan province; workers vanguard " after that, and obtained the " the pioneer worker &quot privilege. This is the production team enterprising, solidarity and efficient certainly, for Hainan companies pay close attention to technological innovation, technological innovation, energy saving, green ecological development must.
The production department will cherish the honor, the " the pioneer worker " as the power of future work, create a better performance, for example in the units and industry, continue to do what little one can to help for the development of Qilu group!