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The company was awarded "enterprise" honorary title of harmonious labor relations in Hainan Province

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2014/05/28 09:56
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In April 29th, the Hainan Provincial Office of human resources and social security, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial SASAC, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), Enterprise Confederation / Entrepreneurs Association jointly announced a list of 2013 "Hainan province harmonious labor relations in enterprises" unit. Hainan company to improve labor relations, labor management standard again won the award.
Hainan since the establishment of the company, strictly implement the provisions of the employment will be signed, to pay social security, housing provident fund for employees, and purchase additional commercial insurance, established love fund, safeguard measures through a series of love, from many aspects, many initiatives to care for employees, deeply reflects the "state-owned factory we have happiness home" enterprise culture connotation.