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The competent commerce departments of provinces and cities to visit the company research

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2014/05/28 09:57
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In April 30th, the Commerce Department of Hainan Province, China Merchants Office Deputy Director Liu Songtao, Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion Office Deputy Director Ceng Huilin a line to the Hainan company research. This research is to investigate the Hainan provincial government investment policies to promote the development of the phase two project of pharmaceutical project of our company.
Liu Wenmin of company general manager warmly welcomed the leading line, and introduced the project investment, output value, profit and arrange employment related to the provincial commerce leadership emphasis, at the same time, thanks to the administrative department of Commerce of Hainan Province vigorously support the development of the company. Liu made the project results that the full affirmation, hope that the Hainan company to continue the deep Hainan, make the pharmaceutical industry bigger and stronger, to contribute to economic and social development of Hainan province.