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Employment Concept

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Employment conceptScientific management system, forward looking personnel selection philosophy

The company insists to implement talent strategy, attaches great importance to talent training, uses and stimulates the employees' full potential and wisdom on innovation and change, showing the vitality of the group. Unique and excellent corporate culture, with the theme of "making China prosperous and strong; love Qilu; state and factory are the guarantee of our happy home", the company develops the spirit of Qilu Group, fulfills consciously social responsibilities, realizes the common development of enterprise and employees, constructs a harmonious and warm Qilu home.


Looking forward to the future, Qilu Pharmaceutical, by virtue of technology, talent, brands and corporate culture, will focus on high, precision and advanced fields, seek breakthroughs and innovations in medicine field, increase the social and economic benefits of the product, upgrade the core competitive power of the company, pursue maximal satisfaction in customer and society, protect human health as the mission and express our love with technology.

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