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Career Development

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The company always adheres to the "people-oriented” strategy.

● Recruit and keep the talents according to administrative career channel and professional career channel

● Provide systematic training for each position

● Provide career development opportunities

● Encourage innovations in science and technology

● Encourage high quality and high productivity performance

● Recognize the value of long-term service and loyalty


Career planning

● Design individualized career development plan

● Track individual performance records

● Assign proper projects and technical function or activities to each individual

● Encourage personal interests and talent


Systematic training system

● Pharmaceutical industry and regulatory trainings: cGMP, guidelines of ICH, FDA, etc.

● Company trainings: SOPs, safety, policies and rules

● Science and technology trainings: instrumentation, preformulation, formulation, etc.

● Management training: projects, team, clients, regulatory



● Professional track: innovation, project and or technical achievements

● Administrative track: management skills and performance

● Awards: long-term services, outstanding performance or achievements    

Human Resources