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“Establishing top notch pharmaceutical manufacturing capacities, and becoming a most competitive global pharmaceutical company”—Mr. Liu Wenmin, General Manager



Qilu Pharmaceutical always commits to high-quality drug products, the patients and the society. Our products and pipeline cover a broad scope of therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Cerebrovascular & Cardiovascular, Infections, Psychological and Neurological System, Ophthalmological Diseases, etc. Many Antibiotics APIs, Cephalosporin APIs and Oncology APIs products have reached top levels in production capacity and quality worldwide.


Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd. attempts to attract pharmaceutical industry talents, and build up a professional team based on innovative science and technology, and efficient management. We encourage creativities, high quality work and products. We would also like to face the challenges from the economy, technology, regulatory and environmental protection.

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