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America GHP and Australia Montrose customers visited our company.

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2013/11/09 09:48
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On November 8, America GHP company and Australia Montrose five people visited our company, made preliminary negotiation on the cooperative projects (azacitidine injection and decitabine injection), and laid the foundation to start formal cooperation in the next step.

Accompanied by Liu Wenmin, General Manager, the customers visited 500 workshop production site and QC laboratory. After the visit, the customers had good opinion on the hardware facilities and good mental outlook of staffs of Hainan Company. They pointed out that Qilu Group is at a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry in China; the high level quality management meets the criteria of the partners they required. They will speed up the negotiation with import and export companies, to promote two projects to be carried out smoothly.

According to the plan, eCTD document of azacitidine, the first product of the cooperation, will be submitted to Australia authority at end of 2014. If everything goes well, this product is expected to enter officially Australia market in 2015. It plays a huge promotion role for Qilu Group's products to enter the international market, improve competitive power at home and abroad