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In recognition of the General Assembly five four "Qilu star" young benchmarking employee

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2014/05/28 09:58
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The afternoon of May 5th, the group company "Youth" Qilu Qilu dream "five four star" young benchmarking employee recognition conference, Hainan company union chairman Sun Denghua, Secretary General of the Youth League branch and branch of the mission on behalf of Zheng Jiang, to obtain recognition young staff attended the meeting via video.
The beginning of the meeting, Zhang Yanming of vice director of office of Party committee of company of group of the opening word, all stood up and sang the national anthem. Then the group Human Resources Minister Xu Chengwei read the "" Qilu star "young staff, excellent staff commendation decision model", in recognition of the youth backbone employees made outstanding contributions for the construction of Qilu home, hard work, positive, encouraging all staff to them. Group company general manager Li Yan and other leaders for the recognition of the staff issued a certificate of honor, on behalf of staff and family members to award winning benchmark share experiences. They are convinced that "youth in Qilu bloom, dream in Qilu implementation" development target, will be based on their positions, as Qilu group and do what little one can to help.
Finally, the general manager Li Yan delivered an important speech: "benchmarking employee" honor is the embodiment of Qilu spirit and individual value, to achieve "Qilu dream" from every Qilu people unremitting efforts and their families for their support. As long as the products do a good job, to build their homes, the rapid development of Qilu will grow into towering trees. We also believe that the five four eternal spirit, Qilu spirit often in Qilu group, tomorrow will be better.