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The company won the "2013 annual safety in production of advanced enterprise" honorary title

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2014/05/28 09:57
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April 29th afternoon, Haikou City Council held in 2014 the city's production safety work meeting. The meeting summed up the city's production safety work in 2013, analyzes the current situation of production safety and the deployment of 2014 the work of the task, Haikou mayor Ni Qiang attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. At this meeting, Hainan won the "2013 annual safety in production of advanced enterprise" title, at the same time, the security minister Guo Xiaomeng was named the "2013 annual production safety work advanced worker".
Hainan attaches great importance to production safety work, specially set up to general manager for the head, every department safety committee, has formulated and promulgated a series of regulations of safety management, job of company safe production to enter the standardization development. In 2011, the company first won the "safety in production of advanced enterprise", won the award again this year, production safety work of the company received high recognition from the leadership of the municipal Party committee, City Hall. The company will be as in the past to do the work of production safety, safeguard the development of the health of employees, the company.