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Our company and Haikou Municipal State Taxation Bureau held a friendly basketball game

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2013/12/07 09:52
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In the afternoon of December 6th, a friendly basketball game between Hainan Company and Haikou Municipal State Taxation Bureau was held at new basketball court of Hainan Company. Based on the principle of "friendship first, game second", the players of both sides gave the audience a wonderful performance.

The leaders of both sides attached great importance to the game. Mr. Sun Taixiong, Director of State Taxation Bureau, Mr. Liu Wenmin, General Manager of Hainan Company, attended and watched the game. This game increased communication and friendship between Hainan Company and Haikou Municipal Bureau, laid a good foundation for future work. It also strengthened the culture construction of Qilu Company, to promote the spirit of healthy and upward, united and mutual assistance, mobilize fully the enthusiasm and cohesion of the staff and workers.